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    How to set a window title...

    Harbs. Level 6

      Let me start with the basics:

      If you create an extension, the Stage Manager will create the container for you and load the swf into the container. This container can be one of three types: Panel, Model Dialog, or Modeless Dialog. Any one of these containers have titles. The StageManager will create a title with the menu name you provide.


      So far so good.


      If you do not provide a menu name (so it shold not appear in the menu, the StageManager will create a title which appears to be either the exention id or the package id (depending on the app).


      Not so good, but let's continue:


      If you have an extension load a Window, you can set the title of the Window using the Window's title property.




      This all basically amounts to: if you want to open a window and set its title, you are really better off using Windows rather than separate extensions.


      Not ideal, but mostly workable.


      Now for the problem:


      Fireworks opens new windows INSIDE THE MAIN PANEL!!! When you close this window, it closes the panel as well, and the panel is inaccessible until the next launch of the app. This is obviously a bug... Fireworks appears to only support panels and not model or modelless dialogs.


      I am trying to work around this issue by making my dialog its own extension. This solves the problem of Fireworks opening it within the main panel. However, I do not want my sub-extension to appear in the menus, so I do not want to give it a menu name. I do however, want to set the title of the window.


      What to do???