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    Buy Flex 2 now or wait...

      Does anybody know if there is an 'free' upgrade policy in place yet from Flex 2 to Flex 3... I'd hate to buy both products, but would like to start now. My trial has just expired and need to purchase.
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          I had the same question and reluctantly purchased flexbuilder2 last week when the beta ran out and am hoping that Adobe will offer a free upgrade to those who purchase FB2 after the beta was released. I have also left comments at Mike Downeys and Mike Chambers blogs. I think this free upgrade would encourage new developers not to give up after the beta expires -- especially when they get hooked -- like i did ; )
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            robsharma1985 Level 1
            i'll post this here too, i hope i get an answer but i have the flex Education version and was wondering if i am eligible for an upgrade or would i just have to buy a new copy of flex 3
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              matt_chotin Level 3

              We haven't announced pricing yet and there is not a free upgrade policy, but there will be attractive upgrade pricing so I wouldn't hold off in buying. As for education, there will be a suitable upgrade option for you as well.