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    add child on frame 4 with as3


      Help: I have a flash homepage using xml with different pages placed on different frames. I want to add an xml photogallery on frame 4 so that it only appears on that page on the homepage. The photogallery is made in another flash also using xml. When i try to load the gallery it either appears on all pages or on none at all. Can anybody help me, what code can i use to make the gallery load on fram 4 in my flash. I am a noob at as3.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you place the code to load the slideshow in frame 4, that will take care of loading it only in frame 4.  As far as displaying it only in frame 4, if you manually add an empty movieclip to the stage in frame 4, and load the slideshow as a child of that movieclip, then it should only display in frame 4.