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    Listener for an Img loaded in a textfield

      I need to be notify when an image is loaded in an HTML textfield. I know how to acces that img. Well when you use html text for a tetfield and you give an id to the img, you can acces that img usign this id. The img is a MovieClip type.

      For example : txt_myText.htmlText = "<p>Hi<br/>Here is my img<img src='Flash.jpg' id='mc_myClip' width='100' height='10'></p>";

      In that example, you can acces the img and get the loaded byte or total byte of the img usign the textfield path dot the mc name like that : txt_myText.mc_myClip.getByteLoaded();

      The problem is that you can not used the onData or onLoad event. It does not works. Also I don't want to preload all of them. What I would like to do is setting a listener for the img, then when loaded, an events could be dispatched.

      Any idea