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    Frame issue in Workspace with IE8/XP/Reader 9.4


      When a user opens a form from a "to do" in Workspace, the form opens in a frame outside of and superimposed over the normal Workspace interface.  This obscures the user action buttons, which stops the process at that user (since they can perform no actions).  The "save" button is partially visible and can be clicked, as can the "Task Details" tab.


      Any suggestions for how to deal with this framing problem?  Obviously the user can access the form from another computer, but if this issue is related to software configuration, I would prefer to resolve it that way, since many users in our environment have this configuration.




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          Robert Haché Level 2

          I am unable to reproduce the problem on my IE8/XP/Reader 9.4 platform.  After updating to Reader 9.4 I did have to re-enable the Reader Internet Preference to allow the pdf to display within the browser.  You can check that setting in your Reader preferences but I don't think that is your problem.  When it was off I was prompted to intall Reader, it did not try to open the Workspace pdf outside of Workspace.


          What is the zoom setting on your browser?  I believe there is a problem if the zoom level on I.E. 8 is more than 100%.  If it is higher try setting it to 100%, closing your browser and then try opening the Workspace task again.


          Hope that helps.