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    Adobe Acrobat Professional




      I am currently searching any methods of using the bookmark titles to move pages within the document. (Not to an external document).


      I am currently dealing with large documents (250pages - 1200pgs), and I need to move pages around. It would be ideal that I could create a bookmark and move that bookmark simultaneously with the pages.

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          DimitriM Level 3

          Hi Thomson539,


          Yes you can do this with a custom JavaScript automation tool or plugin.  We've written such a tool for members of our subscription site, www.pdfscripting.com.  That tool does not reorder the pages simultaneously, but does it with one click based on the order of the bookmarks after you've dragged/dropped them how you want them in the BooMarks panel.


          I don't know off hand of any plugin available for this but Google might turn something up for you.


          Hope this helps,



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