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    Dw 9 - seems to have lost cache/configuration, and can't rebuild ?

    Level 7

      Dw9 on a PC Win XP SP2 - with a set up using php files on a Apache
      local server with virtual hosts.

      Seems to have corrupted cache or whatever it used to keep track of
      sites files.

      I noticed sometime in the last 24 hours that pages were not rendering
      in DW design view. It didn't bother me at first as I spend most time
      in code view.

      Then I noticed that css panel wasn't picking up on some style sheets.

      I use a technique recommended by some css experts on
      css-d@lists.css-discuss.org to use one main.css file which then is
      used to import other css files as a way to organise / divide style.
      the main.css file contains the following

      /* basic styles */
      @import url("basic.css");

      /* typography styles */
      @import url("fonts.css");

      /* main layout */
      @import url("general.css");


      The css files are spread across 10 separate css files.

      This has worked well until now - but DW is only picking up on about
      half the css files - hence design view not working properly.

      Two separate sites use the same technique and both seem corrupted

      I have recreated site cache

      Browsers still work ok and display site locally correctly.

      DW8 still works correctly.

      I seem to remember another configuration file sometimes gets
      corrupted, and Murray and other tell us to delete it and force Dw to
      recreate it, but cannot find reference in the archives.

      I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling - but remembered how
      slow the install process was - so thought I would check here first.

      thanks in anticipation



      ~Malcolm N....