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    Flex 4 compilation is extremely slow


      We have a rather big flex project (~900 as files, ~50 mxml files).

      The project includes 3 separate modules, and compiles into 1.2 M SWF.

      We use 1 embedded font and a small number of embedded images.

      Every compilation takes approximately 2 minutes.

      Every compilation error appears in the Problems pane 4 times, which makes me think that the compilation is really done several times.

      I tried to place the embedded font into a separate CSS/SWF, use ‘-incremental=true’ compiler option, and increase the Java memory limits – all this didn’t change the compilation time.

      I use Flash Builder 4 with SDK 4.01 on Windows 7 machine with 2 CPU and 4G memory.

      I’d be very thankful for any help to shorten the compilation time.