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    Sandbox error only when loading URL containing directory with purely numeric name.


      This error only occurs under very strange circumstances.  We have several clients whose domain names begin with a sequence of digits (e.g. 401blah.com).  We have file paths under another server employing directory names derived from these domain names. (e.g. /4/401/...).  We employ the same scheme for all domain names, so fooblah.com would utilize directory /f/fooblah/...


      Our swf file is embedded in an HTML page which is served up from 401blah.com (name is an example).  It attempts to load images from another server (e.g. pictures.foo.com//4/401/...).  The pictures.foo.com site has a crossdomain.xml file that permits all domains to access its contents.  When the swf at fooblah.com tries to load an image at pictures.foo.com//f/fooblah/... it does so without a hitch.  However, when the same swf hosted in an identical page at 401blah.com attempts to access an image at pictures.foo.com//4/401/... it fails with the following error:


      Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://401blah.com/v8/widgets/generic/image/semantic-slideshow.swf cannot load data from http:/pictures.foo.com/4/401blah/0288/2015daea4046387201f6d2e38e0c1ac6.jpg


      Now, I'm using fake names for the domain here in order to obfuscate the customer, but if I substitute in the correct customer name, the URL http:/pictures.foo.com/4/401blah/0288/2015daea4046387201f6d2e38e0c1ac6.jpg does, in fact, access the correct image.


      When we use non numeric directory names everything works without a hitch.  When we use numeric directory names, despite all info being in its proper place and a proper crossdomain.xm, loading the images in fails.


      In fact, according to our net-trace, when we use numeric directory names, pictures.foo.com (fake domain name substituted in for real domain name), flash doesn't even try to look at its crossdomain.xml file (while it does try, and succeeds at doing so, when non numeric directory names are used).


      It looks like Flash is doing some kind of test on the URL and making an incorrect determination on it.  Any help on this that does not involve changing our directory scheme would be appreciated.  I have read all of the relevent documentation and our crossdomain.xml file is set up correctly, so please focus on the behavior visa vi strange treatment of numeric directory names in the URL.