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    How to fill PDF form programatically

    Chinta_Pras Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      We are automating a web application using QuickTest Pro. In some scenarios we need to fill a PDF form and click 'submit' button. Is there any way we can use Acrobat SDK to automate this process? I really appreciate your help.

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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          Why Yes!  There are several ways to pre-fill a PDF.  Which technique depends on where the data comes from and where the PDF is going.


          For example, a PDF can be filled in Acrobat using an Acrobat data file such as FDF, XFDF, or XDP if it's a LiveCycle form.  This can be done manually through the menu items or automated with JavaScript, or with a batch process.  And there are lots of other variations on how data files can be used. Of this methodology assumes that the data file already exists.  The data file can be manually created by exporting data from Acrobat or automatically by some external custom program.


          Acrobat JavaScript can also used to access Excel and database files:


          and LiveCycle forms can be connected directly to a DB.



          Depending on the kind of data, JavaScript can be used to directly fill in forms.  This method is suiltable for handling a small number of fields, such as customer contact data.


          On the server side there is a whole host of third party tools for filling forms and of course Adobe has tools as well.  In fact PDF form data handling is built into ColdFusion.


          The Acrobat plug-in SDK has a Forms model for just this purpose and there is an ActiveX interface to Acrobat that can access individual form fields.


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