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    Import presenter presentation in Captivate



      I’m looking for a way to import a powerpoint presentation already recorded with presenter 7 into captivate. My goal is to produce a single file (like .flv) of my presentation. I didn’t understand why there is no way to do that easily between presenter and captivate. I have captivate 3 or 5. Do you have an idea to import my presentation without doing that by hand, I mean, add the powerpoint presentation into captivate, add each recorded sound, and video if necessary.

      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello and welcome to the forum,


          Why not create the SWF with Presenter and insert it in Captivate (Insert Animation)? Beware however: this will only be possible with Captivate 3 because Captivate 5 is AS3 only, while Presenter 7 is still AS2 only.


          If you want to work with Captivate 5, what I could understand, why not import the PPT immediately in Captivate instead of using the intermediate Presenter?



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            MaximeR721 Level 1


            Hello and thanks for your help,



            Why I don’t use directly captivate, it’s because I need to convert as video some presentations that already exist.


            I didn’t really understand when you said “create an swf with presenter”. When you publish a video into a folder with presenter, you have a lot of swf which correspond to each slides with other stuff. Audio files are also separate. If you know a way to have all combine in only one file with presenter, I'm interest too.