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    Footage Proxy Problem

    JesseHarris Level 1



      I have AE CS5/10.0 on a Mac 8-core with OS 10.6.4.  I'm having trouble creating proxies for different pieces of footage in a composition. 


      I right-click on the footage in the Project Pane, set my Render Settings and Output module and render the proxy.  The problem is the proxy is created for the composition, (whenever I Create Proxy of the footage, a new comp is created at the same time), instead of the footage!


      I've created proxies of footage in other compositions so I know how to do this, but somehow it's not working in this comp.  Earlier today I deleted my AE Pref folder because Footage 2 proxy was replacing the properly created Footage 1 proxy!!  How am I creating this bugginess?  Your help is much appreciated!