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    dynamic css

      You can read in static css with <mx:Style or dynamic css with StyleManager.loadStyleDeclarations(). That's good but the problem is that the latter reads in a compiled .swf file instead of a textual .css file. The person who is modifying css may be a designer, not a programmer. It is a pain to say that the designer has to install the Flex SDK and know how to run the compiler. Is there some way to load a .css file at runtime?
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          Man I have the same problem as you! I have an application that generate a css dinamically by client, but I cant use it! OMG, somebody help me! Thats very critical.
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            mitchgrrt Level 1
            I sent the question to Adobe tech support, and got an answer saying dynamically loading a CSS file is a feature they have talked about, but for now it hasn't been added. It sounds like for now if you want to work with a non-programmer who will edith the CSS, you may have to set up a script that runs the command-line compiler, and then puts the compiled result in the right place. This would include an install of the compiler on the designer's machine. This is a pain but not completely impossible.