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    Detected Duplicated http-based flexsession




      I am posting my issue on this blog with a big hope.



      Env details:

      weblogic 10.3
      iplanet web server
      LCDS 2.6
      Flex sdk 3.5

      My application is a flex front end based application deployed on weblogic10.3. since we are authenticating users through siteminder we are using iplanet webserver for redirection. Also, this is secured https protocol based application.

      In application we have a link to another external application deployed on second server in different location. This second application has same environment and configuration settings.

      Our application works fine until we do net click on external second application and it is rendered. Once this application has opened we come back to our main application and try to make a remote object call. It gives detected duplicate http-based flexsession error.

      Reading your post i downloaded ieHttpsHeader reader and noticed that it is appending set-cookie JESSON --------

      I am wondering why it is doing like this while we are loading .swf file from a Jsp only which wraps the html.

      FYI redirection to external application is happening from webserver.

      Any pointer will be helpful..