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    Pre9 / Pre7 Issues with Track Matte and Garbage Matte


      Hi there,


      Recently I delved into the great book : Creating Hollywood style Movies  with Premiere Elements 7

      Now in chapter 15 there is

      some video track1 to which I add the track matte KEy effect. MAtte is set to the TRack above.

      that very video track above is the white MAtte Track 2 upon which is the GArbage MAtte effect applied.



      Now I want to edit the garbage matte of the Matte TRack depending on the object movements in the video of track one. With Pre7 I can see what from track one is inside the Matte, then I can change the Mask properly according to the Movements of some object in track one I want to catch.

      With PRE 9 I do not see the that Object, all though it kinda flickers for short moments. Then I can make a guess there to put the mask.


      Is there something changed from pre7 to 9 concerning TRack matte and GArbage matte?


      Even If I load the pre7 project in pre9 the described effect appears. same project loaded with PRe7 works fine.


      Any idea is welcome!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I do not recall reading of issues with the Track Matte Keying Effect in PrE 9. Ed Macke discovered an issue with it, in PrE 8, and I verified that it existed in PrE 4. It seems that with new Projects, the Effect worked fine. However, at some point, it ceased to function properly, and one only got basically the Matte behaving like a Title, without the Track Matte Keying. We never were able to trace at exactly what point, things went wrong - new Project, all was good, then at an unknown point, they did not. Perhaps there is some similar issue with PrE 9.


          Is this a new Project, or have you been doing a lot of editing in it?


          Also, I am not sure where, and why, you are applying the Garbage Matte. Is that Effect being added to the Matte on VT 2? What is the purpose of that, if so?


          In addition, there were some issues with Garbage Matte in PrPro CS3 and CS4, though I believe that CS4.2 fixed that. Have not read of similar with PrPro CS5, but maybe it's still around?


          Good luck, and wish that I had something concrete to offer.



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            urpcor Level 1

            Its a bandnew project with the footage wich came with the book.

            I can rebuidl the projcet in a minute.

            And the weird thing is that the working project in pre7 opened with pre9 shows the effect. The effect only has an impact while shaping the mask. The rendered output is fine.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Looking at your other thread, it does seem that something has changed between PrE 7 and PrE 9. I just do not know enough about what changes went into PrE 9, but it might be some subtle little change, that is getting in the way.


              If you have a new Project, then the "aging Project" Bug should not be playing a part. We have a few Adobe developers, who show up from time to time, so maybe they can comment?


              Good luck,