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    Duplicate vs. Copy?

      Feels like a dumb question, but . . .

      Is there any difference between Duplicate Slide and Copy Slide besides the necessity of pasting?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi epanska

          It really isn't a silly question at all.

          Copy slide and Duplicate slide essentially do the same thing. Here's the main difference.

          If you use Copy slide, the slide contents are simply captured and placed in the Windows clipboard, ready to be pasted elsewhere.

          On the other hand, Duplicate slide makes a copy of the existing slide and presents it to you. This saves you from having to paste the slide elsewhere.

          Hopefully this was helpful to you... Rick
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            epanska Level 1
            Thanks Rick. It looks like Duplicate also re-uses images in the library. could that potentially lead to a smaller file size or is that just wishful thinking?