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    Some issues of file management among Workspace, Workbench and Contentspace



      I'm having some issues with the file management among Workspace, Workbench and

      Contentspace in LC ES2.


      In order to promote the paperless project in my company,  I plan to change a part of

      existing application (paper) to Web application. I dont't want to change any thing of

      the existing form. For testing, I scaned the existing form and made a PDF file, and the

      added some contents, such text box, calender, and check logic, on it by Adobe Form

      Designer. At last, I built a simple workflow.


      Here is the first question

      I couldn't upload the PDF file from Workbench to Workspace. Why?


      And second one is

      If I upload a file to Workspace, can it be managed automatically by Contentspace?

      I could simply add existing content from Contentspace to Workspace as a task, but

      how about the opposite stream?


      Last but not least

      I don't understand how the data is transfered and saved among the three components

      in LC ES2.

      Are there any more detailed samples about the data transmission?


      best regards.


      En Shoku

      From Japan