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    OSMF custom netstream behavior


      Hi Everyone, I have been coding using the OSMF framework for a while now with the tremendous help of Brian Riggs, who's been a life-saver every time i went to him with an issue.  I have one final issue, perhaps the biggest thus far and I'm hoping someone here can shed light on what I'm missing.  I have a unique use case where I'm required to have a live stream going from a camera and at any point during this live feed, a user has the option to inject a pre-recorded video into the live feed.  What happens, is that the onMetaData triggers from the VOD and throws everything out of whack.  I basically need this live feed to keep broadcasting uninterrupted, even though vods are being injected at will.  So my question is,  how do I use a ProxyElement to remove the onMetaData listeners from the netstream object, regardless of the MediaElement.  Here's what I have in my ProxyElement, but it doesn't work.  The onMetaData in LightweightVideoElement is still being triggered...  setup() is called from the proxiedElement setter.


      private function setup(element:MediaElement):void


      if(element == null)return;

      var loadTrait:NetStreamLoadTrait = this.getTrait(MediaTraitType.LOAD) as NetStreamLoadTrait;

      loadTrait.addEventListener( LoadEvent.LOAD_STATE_CHANGE, onLoadStateChange);

      addTrait(MediaTraitType.LOAD, loadTrait);


      public function onLoadStateChange(evt:LoadEvent):void


      if(evt.loadState == LoadState.READY)


      _stream = evt.target.netStream;



      _stream.client = new NetClient();


      addTrait(MediaTraitType.PLAY, new WebcasterPlayTrait(_stream, this.resource));


      var timeTrait:WebcasterTimeTrait = new WebcasterTimeTrait(_stream, evt.target.resource);


      addTrait(MediaTraitType.TIME, timeTrait);


      addTrait(MediaTraitType.AUDIO, new NetStreamAudioTrait(_stream));

      addTrait(MediaTraitType.BUFFER, new WebcasterBufferTrait(_stream));

      addTrait(MediaTraitType.SEEK, new WebcasterSeekTrait(timeTrait));


      var video:Video = new Video();

      video.smoothing = true;

      video.width = video.height = 0;




      addTrait(MediaTraitType.DISPLAY_OBJECT, new NetStreamDisplayObjectTrait(_stream, video, NaN, NaN));


      this.addMetadata(EnterpriseConstants.ENTERPRISE_METADATA_NAMESPACE, new EnterpriseMetadata());

      NetClient(_stream.client).addHandler("KillStream", handleKillStream);

      NetClient(_stream.client).addHandler("ScriptCommand", handleScriptCommand);

      NetClient(_stream.client).addHandler('OverlayCommand', handleOverlayCommand);

      NetClient(_stream.client).addHandler(NetStreamCodes.ON_META_DATA, handleMetadata);


      //super.blockedTraits = new Vector.<String>();





      Am I even remotely close to getting this right?  Can it even be done?  Thoughts/solutions would be greatly appreciated.