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    Crash on Tweening a TextField with a mask AS3 CS3

      I have yet to hunt down exactly what it is about this situation that makes it crash, but when I tween the position of a TextField that has a mask, as soon as I close the movie window the program crashes, whether it be in the Flash (CS3) IDE or in a browser.

      In detail: I have a movie where I'm creating 1000 instances of a movieclip (little dots) and when the mouse rolls over one i instantiate another movieclip, call it box. I then dynamically create a textfield inside the box and give it a mask (a generated sprite that is just a rectangle half the width of the box, which is added to the box's display list). Finally, I tween the x position of the TextField, giving the effect of the text sliding out from the edge of the box. When I test the movie in Flash this works fine but as soon as I close the window Flash crashes, in a browser window when I close the window I get the spinning beach ball of death. If I dont add a mask to the TextField, I dont have this problem at all. I will test this on a PC tomorrow, but as of yet can only confirm on a Mac.

      Has anyone ever encountered something like this?

      I dont have the code in front of me, but it is really what youd imagine, along the lines of (NOTE: this is not my exact code):