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    Budget build - advice on remaining parts

    Indio22 Level 1

      Having gotten some good advice here and read through many posts (great info), I have collected several parts for my relatively budget build (close to $1000 dollars as possible).  The PC will be used for CS5, Visual Studio 2006 (.net coding), and some average office apps and web surfing.  Not ideal I know, but for now, one PC will have to do. 

      My primary goal in terms of the CS5 video editing/effects capability, is that the PC can accomplish the tasks, and do it in reasonable time.  I only have SD video camera now for live action.  Will be doing animations also.  Can't comment on type of files yet, just starting out.  Since I am an amateur, I don't have time constraints like the professionals.  But I would rather not find the PC is in-capable of accomplishing a task, for some technical reason, or because it bogs down. 

      Here are the parts I already have:

      Item                              Part   
      -------------------             -----------------------------------                                           
      Motherboard                  GA-X58A-UD3R Gigabyte             
      Power Supply                TX650W Corsair                          
      Graphics Card               GTX 460 Gigabyte                          
      Memory                         3x4MB (12MB) Mushkin                   
      Storage Drives (2)          SpinPoint F3 1TB Samsung 1TB 7200rpm   
      Total cost so far is: $722.94 (USD).  (Assuming I get all the rebates returned, lol)

      I am hung up a bit on the following items:

      CPU:  Nearby MicroCenter helps with the i7 price.  I don't know whether I should get the 200 dollar i7 930, or spend the extra 30 dollars for the i7 950.  This is my first built PC, and as of now, I don't plan to overclock.  Is the 950 worth the extra 30 dollars?

      Main Drive:  The two Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB drives listed above are for secondary drives as detailed in one of Harm's storage guides.  I don't really want to spend a lot on an SSD or Raptor at this time.  Would it be all that bad to use a third F3 1TB for the boot drive?  Is another manufacturer recommended?  Should I try for a 500GB single platter drive for the boot drive?  (Maybe go SSD down the road when prices drop and technology is fully worked out.)

      Case:  Considering either the Antex 300 or the CoolerMaster Elite 335.  Former seems to get better reviews for being more sturdy, latter is 20 dollars cheaper and I kind of like the way it looks.  (Although I have seen some nice 300 builds recently.)

      If there is any advice on the above, it would be welcome.  I hope to at least decide on the CPU for this weekend.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't have the link (do a search on Harm to find the power supply calculator) but you might want to verify that 650watts is a big enough power supply

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            For OS & programs, look at a 320 GB Samsung F4. Very fast, big enough and an attractive price.


            The difference between the 930 and 950 is very small, so this is mostly a budget decision.


            I would advise to get a third party CPU cooler like Prolimatech, Scythe or similar. Notice I skipped Noctua for budgetary reasons.


            eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro v2.5 is where you can check the PSU. Get the Pro version, enter all your components, including intended additional items, set CPU load to 100% and capacitor aging to 30% and add 10 - 15% to the calculated wattage for safety.

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              Indio22 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies.  I will check out that 320GB Samsung F4 drive as a possible OS/pgm drive. 


              For the PSU, because I already purchased the Corsair 650W, I probably will "give it a go".  I had previously plugged numbers into the free version of the power calculator, and with some additional fudge factor, had arrived at a 550W recommended supply.  (In selecting components, I have tried to choose items that are frugal in terms of power requirements, such as the Gigabyte GTX460 when compared to some of the other manufacturer 460 offerings.  So perhaps that will help.)


              The Antec 300 case - it only has 3 external bays.  Does anyone see a problem with this - is it enough?  Some cases have 4 or 5 external bays.  I would install a DVD drive, eventually a media card reader/firewire port plate.  Maybe a graphic lcd display at some point.  Those three items would fill the three available bays.  Is there some other useful item I am not aware, that I would regret later not having an external bay to fit?  For example, I notice some folks have what looks in photos like two DVD drives.



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Some (women) say: SIZE MATTERS.


                The bigger the case the better: more expansion room, more bays, better airflow, better temperatures, better cable management. etc.


                Some do not consider anything with less than 12 5.25" bays as feasible. Then you end up in the Lian Li A77 class of big towers, but the main advantage is that you can easily fit in 4 SSD's, 2 BRD's and 18 3.5"disks inside the chassis. Gives you some room to grow...


                Just imagine 4 x SSD's in a raid for OS & programs, 18 x 2 TB disks in a raid30 (including hot-spares) for 32 TB of net space with safety for 2 disk failures at the same time, and then two Blu-ray burners to duplicate to BRD. Hard to beat that I think.

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                  Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Harm Millaard wrote:



                  I would advise to get a third party CPU cooler like Prolimatech, Scythe or similar. Notice I skipped Noctua for budgetary reasons.




                  Harm, I would like to know what if you have anything against the $30 CoolerMaster Hyper 212+.  This what I am running (with the optional second fan) and find it very successful on keeping my i7-980X running at 4.2 GHz at a maximum of 71 degrees Celsius.  Or is this not readily available in Europe?  and it does not interfere with the access to the memory modules in my Asus P6T7 WS supercomputer board.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                    With your hands-on experiences and results, nothing against it, but I did not mention it explicitly, sorry. I grouped it under 'similar'.