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    Saving with as2


      Alright, i've heard and seen so much about how to save with as2 and how not to and that you can't and i'm just horribly confused.

      I need to figure out how to save a variable, an array, a series of objects, so on so forth. I'm fine with learning another language to be able to do it, but could someone please put me on the right track?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Save them in what way, to where?

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            headlessgargoyle Level 1

            In what way? i'm not sure i understand what you mean, but in any way possible would be acceptable. I want to save it to a text file on the harddrive if at all possible, but it could be saved as any other format as long as i can load it as well. It does however need to be on the harddrive.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Flash on its own cannot save files or save anything to files, but you can have it create the equivalent of a cookie using the SharedObject class.  Look it up in the help documentation or search Google for a tutorial on using it.  Here's a link to one tutorial when searching "AS2 SharedObject tutorial"...



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                headlessgargoyle Level 1

                thank you ned, but then i ask, how would i save it into a txt document? is there another program or language that can specifically do this in coordination with flash? would it allow for loading as well?

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Flash can load text files.  But to have Flash save something to a text fiile requires other software that can manipulate the file system.  I do not do work involving saving things locally, so I cannot offer any ideas in that regards, but on a server you could use PHP or some other server-side scripting language to manipulate the file system.

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                    headlessgargoyle Level 1

                    ok well, i don't want to remake the program in another language to do this (as i've already been working on it for months), and i need the information to be saved clientside, so i guess i have to use a shared object. This being said i need a little control over the shared object.


                    First of all, i need it to be named by the user.

                    Second of all i need the user to be able to save multiple different shared objects.

                    Third of all, i need the user to be able to choose which object to load.

                    Fourth of all, it needs to be done regardless of internet access as the program itself is stand-alone (to be run in flash player).

                    And finally i'd like to have it be that the user can save it to a specific directory on the computer.


                    The first four are must haves. The last one is ehh as long as the user can choose which to load.

                    Can these things be done? I looked at the tutorial you provided (which i had seen before) and was unable to get it to work successfully for my situation.

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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Start a new posting and list the things you want and cross your fingers.  Someone might come along to offer what they can.  It's not usual for someone to come here with a set of design requirements and get a complete solution handed them--that's what many folks that help here do for income.  What works better is to come with code that is not working where others can offer help getting it working.

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                        headlessgargoyle Level 1

                        ahh my sincere apologies for seeming to ask for a complete working code, I completely understand that few would care or have the time to do something like that. I was just asking (or meaning to ask) if the things i listed were even possible with as2. I've spent some more time working with the shared object, and have semi gotten it working for my scenario. Again my apologies for coming off looking simply for a code written for me. I am just a little annoyed by the loops i've had to jump through to get some solid information on saving with as2 (not here, but in other places over the internet.)