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    detect other air applications (when not connected to internet)

    patelbrijeshn Level 1



      we have a req to provide a link within our air app, click on it and the app should detect if another air app (from same publisher) is installed on user's machine. If installed launch it if not install it.


      I used air browser api, it works fine. But only when the user is connected to internet, since the air.swf needs to be downloaded from adobe.


      Is there a way to detect other air apps in offline mode ? (I tried copying air.swf to local, but doens't work due to security issues)


      Anyone with thoughts on how to achieve this in offline mode ?




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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi Brijesh,

          As you've seen, hosting the air.swf locally (or anywhere besides airdownload.adobe.com) isn't supported or allowed.  I've seen this request come up a couple of times now, if this functionality is important I'd like to recommend adding a feature request on our ideas.adobe.com site.


          I haven't tried this so I'm really not sure if it would work, but if your app was installed natively and you knew the location of the installed app, could you create a file object and check to see if the file existed?  If it did, try launching with openWithDefaultApplication().  If not, download the installer to a temp location, then launch the installer with openWithDefaultApplication()?   Basically duplicating what you need from the air.swf in your actionscript code.