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    Can not login the LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile client from iPhone




      I downloaded "Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile client for iPhone"

      but can not pass the server setting page.

      There is a rough image of the page below.


      host name: 10.1.xxx.xxx

      port:  8080

      SSL:  on


      server name: (the same with host name)







      About Credentials, I used the same ID and PW which I login in Workspace by local PC.

      I read the "Getting Started Guide" of  Adobe® LiveCycle® Mobile 9.5, the setting seems

      be right. But actually, I have no idea that what is Credentials of this application.


      Any way, there is something wrong in the setting so that it doesn't work. And it would need

      to make some setting in the Trust Store of Adobe console. I also have no idea about that.


      Could anyone give me some advices or hints?


      Thanks for you help.


      En Shoku