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    rebind data



      those are my first steps in flex (not AS3 though) - so please bare with me.

      i'm trying to build a video player. i'm using the 'VideoDisplay' and building the controls from scratch.  i've created a BorderContainer object to be used as a play-head.  i've bound its x property to the current-time property of the video display.  it works fine, until i drag the play-head manually (using 'startDrag').  once the play-head is released, it's x property isn't updated any more.

      how do i re-bind the data?



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          BhaskerChari Level 4



          Try to listen for playheadUpdate event on the VideoDisplay component and update the x position of the Border Container accordingly in the function..


          private function playheadUpdateHandler():void


                    borderContainer.x = myVideo.playheadTime;// myVideo.playheadTime is in Flex3 Use the relevant property current-time or something else relevent in Flex4




          Lets see if it works..