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    XML and styling html text with css...

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      I am bringing in content from an xml document to display in a text
      scroller. I have it all working, but there are some display issues that
      I need to figure out. Right now I have no text formating, except for the
      font, text size and color, which are set by the dynamic text field

      What I want to figure out is how to apply css styling to xml nodes based
      their kind. Similar to how I can bring in an html document and give for
      example p tags css styling. Can I do the same with xml nodes?

      The content in the XML document looks like this:


      <headline>Some headline</headline>
      <bodycopy>Some content</bodycopy>


      I know how to write the css in Flash, but I don't know how to then apply
      my styling to for example section_header? Is that even possible? I am
      using an html text field.

      Thanks a lot for any help!!!