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    Exporting charts (chart and data behind it)


      Hi there,


      Im new to Flex and Air but I have come here because Im looking into a way to export a chart from an application we have to excel. At the moment we are able to export the data behind the chart but not the chart itself.


      I have come to two ways of doing this:

      a) keep the existing export options and then use a VBA macro lib to create charts or (and this is where you come in)


      b) export a excel 2007 xmlx file.


      if you are not familiar with this its a new format of excel that is defined by XML script that are in a variaty of folders that are then zipped.




      My idea is to have a standard 'template' that Flex (Air?) can ammend the chart.xml in the xmlx and the sheet1.xmlx and the zip and rename the file.


      So what i need to figure out is if and how to get Flex (Air?) to export a zip file


      any help would be great!