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    complete interactive product movie with  Adobe Flash Prof. CS5?




      I have to create a movie, which explain's how over software can be used. Now I am looking arround which tool for this task can be used. - May be Adobe Flash Professional CS5 is a good tool for this task. - But I never used it. So I am not sure, whether this tool can be used for all the stuff we need for our product movie. Can sombody please answer my questions:


      1. Can Adobe Flash Professional CS5 create screen capturing movies?


      2. Can these movies be edited ( we want to add text, arrowrs, .... and audio ( a voice explaining different things) ).


      3. We want to create several  movies and group those togehter to one interactive learning movie.- Can a nice directory and / or navigation be created to select the different sub movies / browser thru them?




      I am not sure whether Adobe Flash Professional can be used to perform each of these steps. So please answer my questions above.




      Thanks in advance for your helpfull answers.