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    quicktime codecs missing AE can't output HELP!!! :)

    Ross Morrone

      I recently uninstalled my older versions of CS3 & CS4 from my computer, with those I seemed to lose my quicktime codecs. When I go to render out of AE I am missing lossless, alpha only, lossless with alpha, Quicktime DV NTSC, PAL 48khz, and Ram Preview. Is there any way to get the quicktime components reinstalled? A link?

      My output to in Render also says Unknown Output Destination... When clicked it errors: After Effects warning: cannot output to this format because it is not currently installed. (39 :: 99)

      I also get the following errors at program start You have at least one output module template that refers to a missing output plug-in. Please check your Output Module Templates.


      I am using a iMac with OSX 10.6.4 installed, with Quicktime 10