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    Voice Recognition

    TanweerHq Level 2



      Please tell me how to develop a Voice recognition app using Flex or AIR.


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          pauland Level 4

          1) Learn about voice recognition software techniques

          2) Learn Flex

          3) Learn a bit about Air.


          Voice recognition is a bit ambitious for a Flex forum and may be a bit too ambitious for the flash player.


          Judging by some voice recognition software I've seen,  use of Math.random() will be almost as good as any analysis.

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            So what about voice tagging?


            I have an HTC Touch smartphone that saves voice tags (short audio files specific to a contact).  Then it simply compares what it hears to the voice tags that have been saved....dialing the corresponding number when it finds a match.


            I'd be curious to know more about the differences between full-blown speech recognition vs. whatever the heck I just described is called.


            BTW....full blown recognition is possible....only took a few minutes to find a demo....uses Nuance for voice recognition and Java via BlazeDS for the heavy lifting.