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    looking for an advanced flash animation part-time course


      Hi folks,


      I am primarily a programmer, a games programmer by trade who happened to pick up Flash on the side and later through a series of coincidences became a full time flash developer. Most of my work thus far has been code heavy, and has focussed on such things as interacting with web services, localization with xml files, flash video, streaming video, networking etc.


      My employer recently lost one of its contractors who built a lot of animation heavy flash apps for them, and as I know my way around the Flash IDE quite well, and have created fairly complex animations in the past, they have asked me to assume a more animation orientated role. To this end, they have offered to send me on courses to get up to speed with Flash animation.


      As I know probably 90-95% of Flash's capabilities, and am comfortable with animating / easing / masking / filters / tweening and how to produce these effects programmatically, my interest would lie in a course that teaches fairly advanced uses / best practices of flash. For instance, I find that there are many ways to do things in Flash, but only a few approaches that will get you there without the entire IDE coming to a grinding halt (shape hints is a good one, or perhaps an approach has forced you into a corner with many tweened animations which now need a small alteration made to all of them).


      Are any of you aware of courses that can take a fairly advanced flash user's knowledge and turbo charge it with tips, tricks, best practices and approaches to complex animation? I've found plenty of courses that will teach you the basics, but going on them would be a waste of time and money. If any of you are familiar with the Programming Gems series of books, what they do for a game programmers knowledge of programming would be a good analogy for what I'd like a course in flash animation to do for me.