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    How can I change my project settings?


      I am a new user of Adobe Premiere Elements, and am having trouble editting MPEG's.


      The MPEG size is always set to 352x288 (I am using a work laptop, so increasing makes the laptop either crash or run incredibly slowly). When I start a new project on Elements, the project settings are defaulted to PAL DV standard 48HZ (frame size 720x576).


      When I try and look at all other options in PAL, there is nothing smaller than this.


      Is there anything I can do to start a project with reduced frame size to match my MPEG's, or am I just going to have to accept it will only work on a decent or dedicated laptop?


      Any help appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What version of PrE are you using?


          PrE 9 has added a new feature, that will allow one to do more settings for Projects, based on the source footage, but it is not as powerful as a similar feature in PrPro CS5, which allows for the "Desktop" Project Preset, where one can adjust, or customize almost all attributes in a Project.


          Where is you source footage coming from?


          The great, free utility, G-SPOT, will give you all of the specs. of your files. Posting a screen-cap will help us to direct you. It might well be that you will need to convert your footage, to successfully edit it in PrE.


          Good luck,



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            DanM1983 Level 1

            Thnaks for your response.


            It's version 8.0... there just doesn't seem to be any further options for changing the presets, other than those I listed in my question.


            The footage is an MPEG converted from a DVD (which we have permissions for). We can pretty much specify whatever size we convert the MPEG to, but as mentioned, if we go up to the sizes available in Premiere, it will inevitably crash my laptop and be unworkable.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You're definitely not going to be able to work with a video frame that size in Premiere Elements, Dan. This program doesn't work with custom frame size.


              Your best option will be to use one of the standard project presets for DVD -- That's the one for Hard Drive or Flash Drive Camcorders -- and then change the frame size of your video to fill this frame. Yes, it will be over-rezzed, but that's really your only option. But, if you're planning to output your video for, say, web, that won't matter since you're going to go back down in size anyway.


              You say this video is from a DVD -- so I'm not sure how you're getting such a strange frame size. DVDs use standard 720x480 frames. Why is your video frame such an odd size?