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    Ambiguous Compile Errors

    tehxike1 Level 1

      Are there any plans to improve error reporting in future versions of flex?  I've frequently had errors that prevent compilation, but FlashBuilder/FlexBuilder doesn't have a clue where they are.  Right now I have ": expected" on "line 110", but it doesn't tell me what file this problem occurs in, or go to it when I double-click it.

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          I finally tracked down the source of this particular error.  FlashBuilder was complaining about it in my AIR project, but it was actually in the defaults.css file of a lib that the AIR project was using:


          common|ContentHeader {ok

          skinClass: ClassReference("com.levelsbeyond.common.skins.ContentHeaderSkin");



          It was from one of the many times where I have debugged an application, and for some reason (even though it's in the foreground), it doesn't get focus and my typing goes in the editor instead.  I removed the "ok" and it works fine now.  My question still stands though, are there any plans to improve this?  If I didn't have SVN diffs, this would have been extremely difficult to track down.

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            Ok, I posted a bug for this issue.  Apparently I'm the only person who uses defaults.css and occasionally writes bad css...