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    Premiere Pro CS5 crashes while editing 4.5K-RED-Material


      Hi there,


      I'm editing 4.5K-material with Premiere Pro CS5. After a couple of minutes (mostly after watching sequences longer then 10 seconds) the program crashes. Windows 7 tells me that "ImporterREDServer.exe" doesn't work anymore and then Premiere freezes. I doubt that it is a performance problem, because with CS4 and regular 4K-RED-material I haven't had any problems on the same PC. I deinstalled CS5 several times (with Cleanupscript and everything) and re-installed it, but the problem remained the same.


      I would really appreciate some help or any idea what the problem could be. Thanks in advance!




      My system:

      i7 860 @ 2.8 GHz

      8 GB RAM

      Windows 7