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    32-bit VST plugins in CS5 - here's a solution

    spreeni Level 1

      For all people who want to use their old VST plugins in Premiere CS5 but could not use them because they are programmed for 32-bit hosts - here's a solution:

      There is a little program called jBridge (jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge) which works as a bridge for 64-bit hosts and 32-bit plugins. It's simple to use, install it and run the configurator. Here your are guided through the few stepps that have to be done: Choose directory of the 32-bit vst plugins and choose the destination directory (premiere vst directory) that's all. Remember to start the configurator with administrator rights because it have to write files in Premiere-VST directory).


      Now I can use my old VST plugins as good and fast as in CS4. jBridge is shareware, you can test it as demo which fully runs for 20 minutes. The full version costs 15 Euro which seems to be a very good investment.


      Just an information, hope it will help s.o.