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    Accessibility in a standalone Flash exe/projector?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -


      I have a project written in AS2/Flash CS3.


      The requirement for WAI and 508 compliance is getting greater by the week in my company.


      I've read a lot in the last few days about Accessibility features in CS4 & CS5, that can be added to Flash when its wrapped in HTML but what about the standalone published projectors (.exe and .app).  And what about projectors published out of CS3?


      The app I mentioned above is run in such a projector.  Is there a way that I can make the first, main screen visible by JAWS or another screen reader?  To save this project, the plan is to build an equivelant alternative in HTML.  But the link to get TO that alternative will have to be on the first screen of the projector.


      Can someone explain how I can go about making that link on the first SWF accessible ?


      Thanks for any ideas.