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    Loss of rendering.


      On reopening a project all previously rendered and saved work appears unrendered. I am using pre9.

      I have 320GB free space on C Drive and 4GB of RAM. Have never experienced this problem on previous versions of premiere elements.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Is there any external HDD involved in this Project?


          What OS/platform are you on?


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            alphonse3 Level 1

            My OS is Windows 7. Have an external 1TB HDD connected but only switched on for routine backing up.


            Thank you for your fast response.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              So the Project, Assets and Scratch Disks (with the Render Files) are all located on your internal HDD.


              The reason that I asked about an external is that often when those are used to edit to/from, the Path can change, as the drive letter is usually dynamically assigned by the OS, and depending on what is plugged-in, and in what order, that drive letter can be different, and PrE looks to an absolute Path for the files, including the Render files.


              Now, here are a few more questions:


              Do you have any active anti-virus software running, as it can "lock" files, especially large files like the Render files?


              Do you have Windows Indexing turn on for your HDD, as this can do a similar locking?


              Do you see the Render files in your Media Cache/Render (or similar syntax) folder? They will have an abstract character string, and be .AVI.


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                alphonse3 Level 1

                Many thanks for your interest and concern.


                Ran through procedure with anti-virus OFF.

                Indexing OFF on HDD.

                Render files all appear OK in media cache.


                Tried removing all traces of project and starting from "square one". Problem remains.


                NB. Had no problems with trial version of pre9