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    Form Distribution


      I have a form that I would like to distribute to 55 employees for their input.   I would like the form saved in a directory on shared hard-drive.  The employee would enter information and save the form. I would like each users information saved in the master form, (NO FORM FOR EACH USER) but one form containing information from all 55 employees.   Is this possible?  If so,  how would I accomplish it.


      Again, the form will be e-mailed to 55 employees.   The employee  would complete the form and e-mail or save it to a shard folder.   The results would appear in one master form.  Can it be done without over-writing information?


      Thank you in advance


      p.s.   Can I set the form so that no more than one user can have it opened at a time and they can only add content?  After adding, they could only Save the existing document?