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      ? Incorrect adobe downloaded and to download the free adobe reader ... went to adobe.com, downloaded reader and still not able to read pdf file?  What is wrong?

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          lucylew22 Level 1

          Not sure why I cannot read a pdf file; it's just symbols, not words.  I'm a home user and just want to read a file and download a form.  Never had this happen before.  The wrong download seems to cost $199 and is for professionals, not the lay person.  Do I need to delete adobe reader?  I have Vista.

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            lucylew22 Level 1

            It says, "Error application already installed."  But still symbols; and believe something is wrong?  Does anyone know what happened?

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              lucylew22 Level 1

              I need the free adobe reader download. Know I downloaded the wrong version and now cannot download the free.  It says, "Error, application already installed."  But still cannot read a PDF file.  Need to download my nursing renewal form. Will you please help me?

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                pwillener Level 8

                What is it that you have downloaded (and installed)?


                Go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, and check what Adobe programs you have installed.

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                  lucylew22 Level 1









                    Thank you for responding. 




                    I have gone to the control panel | Uninstalled all adobe, then went to adobe.com and downloaded the free adobe reader 9.4.0, adobe flash player 10.1 (adobe AIR and adobe download manager came along for the ride). 




                    However, when I go to the State Board of Nursing site, www.dos.state.pa.us/nurse and try to view "Expiring 10/31/2010" and (a bit lower) "Continuing Education for Registered Nurses,” I click on those sites and see symbols, only. They are pdf files. 




                    The State Board offers no assistance and lengthy phone calls. When I finally got thru to the Board, they claim, "Your anti-virus program is the problem.” This is unfounded. 




                    I can open other pages that use adobe, (i.e. "You-Tube,” videos, emails, and other internet sites.) However, nothing at the site listed above. I have Vista Home Premium.




                    Thanks for listening. Your help is appreciated.





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                    pwillener Level 8

                    When you go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, can you now see Adobe Reader 9.4.0?

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                      lucylew22 Level 1

                      Hi Willener qat,



                      I see adobe reader 9.4.0... it's there.



                      Still not able to view the .pdf files.  So, I tried to open previously saved and viewed .pdf files.  As a result, the computer showed (with a BIG,red "X"):



                             "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel."



                      When I go to the control panel, then help (as instructed above), there is NO exact way to follow these instructions.  I'm baffled.  Would you please help?



                      Thank you, in advance for your help.



                      Lucylew22 (Elaine)



                      PS.  Sorry it took so long to reply to your message.


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                        pwillener Level 8

                        This is weird; what you described should not be happening once Adobe Reader is installed.


                        Can you try that installation again?

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                          lucylew22 Level 1

                          Hi Willener,


                            I want to express my sincere apologies for not writing back in a timely manner.  Trying to get to you thru the message board was impossible.  So, had to write back this way.


                            Your solution helped, but for some reason (?Vista) had to "create an association" with the.pdf file, too.


                            Adobe could not help, but one thing learned is NEVER click on a website within a document. Instead, ALWAYS copy and paste to your browser.  Then, the problems with Adobe would not have happened.  I believe that a cookie, virus, or something initiated when trying to download Adobe within a document.


                            Thank you for your help, without it I could not have gotten anywhere.  It was one of the most difficult to solve.  Again, thank you.





                            PS.  Lastly, never seen an upside-down email address .... how did you do that?

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                            pwillener Level 8

                            Glad you solved your problem.


                            P.S. it is not my email address, just the username here at the Adobe forum that is upside down.  Google for upside-down text and you will find it's easy to make...