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    states best practice

    fuyuko1979 Level 1

      Hi there, I have a question on what is the best way to manage components with states.  I have an application with a login state and a mainApp state. When the application first initialises I call a database to grab data to display in the main app. This means that while the user is logging in I try to get as much data ready and populated in to components so that by the time the user has logged in all the images and data are displayed and you don't see any loading of images or text happening. However the problem is that the components I use on the mainState are not visible in the loginState but in order to access these components (to load the data) at runtime they need to be included in both states with visibility set to true or false. Sometimes I feel like this may not be the best approach? I'm wondering how others deal with this kind of situation?   thank you,  Fuyuko