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    Spark ComboBox click issue

    fedster72 Level 1

      I'm using a spark combobox in my AdvancedDataGrid, as an itemEditor. At some point I noticed that clicking on the scroll bar arrows would close the CB - very annoying. After much research I found this which completely solved my problems - awesome!

      One more and last lingering issue left though: when selecting an item from an open dropdownlist the mouse click seems to propagate to the cell below once the dropdown has closed. I assumed that the fix above would take care of this last issue, but it doesn't seem to. I tried to override the item_mouseDownHandler for the CB and stopImmediatePropagation() of the mouse event post its usual behavior, but that also seems to have no effect. I also tried setting the mouseChildren property for the skin['dropDown'] to false, but that impairs the whole functionality.

      Would love any help / suggestions.

      thank you all, as always