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    Color matching video footage and still images from my DSLR

    Max Zenk

      Hello there!


      I'm doing videos mixing live footage with stop-motion elements, both taking place in the same shot.


      What I used to do is film all the live action and perform my stop-motion animation while recording.

      In post, I basically cut out the bits when my hand was moving an object, so I created a stop motion animation by hand-cutting every frame of the stopmotion animation.


      Obviously this was a very labour intense workflow, but the transition from stopmotion to live action footage was seamless!


      For more control and ease-of-use I use a stop-motion software (DragonStopMotion) now and shoot the stopmotion in stills with my Canon 7D.

      Once I've done the animation I switch the camera to video mode and record the live action bits with the same settings.


      I bring these two parts (image sequence and video footage) together in AfterEffects.

      Obviously the size and crop of the image seq has to be adjusted, the video being the lower is resources defines my maximum of resolution, and aspect ratio..


      Now I'm trying to match these two sources, so when switching from one method to the other the transition is seamless...


      The thing is, it is: almost!

      But it's still visible for an amount I'm not happy with and it is still noticeable.


      I turned color management on and set my working space to Rec.709.

      I imported the image seq and made sure it is interpreted as sRGB (that's the set profile in my camera).

      For the footage, I interpreted it as Rec. 709.


      And still no perfect match.

      Honestly, I'm not a genius when it comes to color management, so I tried a few different color profile interpretations that seemd promising for the sources, but without success.


      Now I am wondering:


      a) Is there still a point I am missing? is there a wrong setting, or something I could try out?

      b) Will there always be a slight change due to the completely different compression of video and the still JPGs (and another dynamic range, a whole different technique of hardware workflow in camera...), and any color management won't help?


      My priority is:


      1. Get a perfect match between video and stop motion animation.

      2. Preserve the highest quality possible.


      So if there is a way to make those sources match by compressing the image sequence to fit the compression of the video... great! But how does that work?


      Thanks a lot,

      any help is appreciated!!