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    FileReference.upload progress issue



      I have a file upload component with progress bar, that uses FileReference.upload and works fine on MacOS, Vista, XP and Linux.

      But on Windows 7 the bar goes to 100% in seconds pretty much regrdles of file size. After it reaches 100%, it still uploads on the background, and if I wait reasonable time for the file of a given size to upload, it actually finishes the uploading. If after it reaches 100%, but before the actual upload is finished I call FileReference.cancel(), it crashes the browser.

      In debug mode I can see that actual ProgressEvent, generated by FileReference, contains incorrect information - the upload speed is way to fast according to the values in events.


      I have seen couple reports for a similar issue on the web, some even on this forum, but never have seen a resolution to this problem, or been able to confirm that this is actually a bug.