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    unable to open '..\applicaiton.war\flex\libs\fds.swc'


      Hi All,


      I have compilation error of flex project in flex builder .I set up project properties\flex compiler\Additional compiler argument "-services "C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES2\jboss\server\lc_turnkey\deploy\commitment.war\WEB-INF\flex\services-config.xml" -locale en_US" . I am using livecycle dataservice 3.1 and eclipse java project jdk 1.5 version also. I want to update my application.mxml file to application.swf file but i can't build successfully and i got error in problem tab " unable to open '..\applicaiton.war\flex\libs\fds.swc".


      Is it related with which part? my import library or my command?


      Anyone will know, please help me how can i build my project as well.




      Ei Wah

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          BhaskerChari Level 4



          Check whether the fds.swc exists in your project in this path '..\applicaiton.war\flex\libs\fds.swc".


          Are you using the fds.swc in your project..?? If not using then remove that from Flex Properties>>Flex Build Path >> Library Pathh Tab


          If you are however using it then verify that it exists in your project correctly and that you have given correct relative path.




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            eiwah Level 1

            I have used fds.swc, playerfds.swc ,libs folder ,flex sdk 3 and locale inside the Flex Build Path\Library Path tab. I tried to remove those all except flex sdk. I got the locale en_us error becuase i use that command -services "\foler \file path" -locale en_us command . and i got locale error.


            My colleague built at his presonal computer at his country and he build successful.


            We are the same source code but environment is little different. I used flex builder 3.0.1914 and he used


            We used the same flex sdk version


            I can't guess why i got that error.




            Ei Wah