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    How to store and update the contents when online and display it when offline for my air application


      hi all,


      i have created an air application for a  news website . I display the images ,news everythng using feed. I used  httpservice to get the values from the feed.

      now my problem is if i  deploy this package to the user means if he has the internet connection  ...All my information wil be displayed to him as i read all the

      information through feed .  If the network conection is not  available(offline) means i have to  display the previous news and images  to him but i  dnt knw how and

      where to store and retreive it .

      I have checked the availability of network connection


      monitor=new URLMonitor(new URLRequest("http://www.google.co.in/"));
                      monitor.pollInterval= 60 * 1000;

      but how to store and update the data online and display it when offline

      .how it can  be done please give the solution for it...

      regards ,