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    Skin disabled state of an item renderer?

    Olof Brickarp



      I'm trying to create a dropdownlist with items that the user should not be able to select (in this case "headers"). The simplest way to do so I thought was to make these items disabled. This method works just fine except for one thing; disabling an item renderer also modifies it's alpha but it's not given any disabled state. So I have no idea how to change the alpha back to 100%. I've tried to brute force my way be telling the item renderer to change its alpha to 1 if it's disabled by adding this:


      protected function itemrenderer1_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
           if(this.enabled == false){
                this.alpha =  1;


      This doesn't seem to do anything however. Is there a way to see if an item renderer is disabled or should I try going a different route all together.