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    RH8: Cannot generate PDF even on a new, empty, project.


      Hi there,


      We recently purchased RH8 for our product manual. This manual is is made up of around 75 HTML pages. I have been trying to generated a PFD (via the File > Generate > PDF control) and it crashes during the generation, actually bringing up a the Windows "Adobe RoboHelp 8 has encountered a problem...".


      In the Output View I can see many warning saying "Warning: Failed to save Word Document after appending a malformed topics:[name of html file]"

      There are also many "Failed to build..." style messages!


      This is proving a real problem as we cannot now produce a PDF for our customers.


      To try to narrow down the problem I created a completely new project, did not add anything to it, and tried to generate a PDF of that but it also failed, but with a different message:


      Failed to generate Printed Documentation (Printed Documentation). Please see compilation message for details.


      When I see at the bottom these messages:


      Updating Table of Contents...

      Saving 'PDF_Test.doc'...

      Generating 'PDF_Test.pdf'...

      Failed the generate PDF file 'C:\PDF Test\!SSL!\Printed_Documentation\PDF_Test.pdf'...

      Failed to save 'PDF_Test.doc'...

      Cleaning up temporary files...

      Internal error encountered,  Failed to generate Printed Documentation.


      Any ideas what's causing these problems? I have made sure I have all the updates for RoboHelp.