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    Topics not appearing in RoboHelp

    roboatcitadel Level 1

      I have created many topics in RoboHelp in the past week. When I close out of RoboHelp and open again the topics are no longer showing there. They are however showing on my C drive and are in RoboSource.


      How do I get these files back into the program in order to work with them?

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          Robo Solar

          I would check that:


          1. Topics are not filtered in your project explorer (Show/Hide Files icon in the pod toolbar)

          2. Missing topics are listed in the *.fpj file in your folder. If they aren't, just re-add them manually with the correct filename. Then checkin the fpj file.

          3. Cache need to be rebuilt (delete projectname.cpd and restart RoboHelp)


          We often ran in these issues when we were using RoboSource.