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    How to access spark list selected items

    flexillu10 Level 1

      selected items is some sort of vector? I can't access the items in it, can anyone shed some light on how to acess them? Maybe print them to the screen?

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Why can't you access the items in it?

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            Bramblethorne Level 1

            I too am dragging through the documentation with a fine toothed comb and am at a loss of how to get something as simple (and intiutive) as myList.items.


            Maybe I'm overthinking it, but if I have a custom item renderer with a checkbox in it and when the user clicks the checkbox and it's selected state changes, I'd like to let the List that contains the List Item know of it... not that the item was messed with, but more to the point, that the checkbox was messed with and which item it was a member of...


            Right now I can't even figure out how to do something as rediculously simple as creating a creationComplete handler that iterates through the list items and calls a function in them to set a reference to itself that the list item can reference.