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    Designer can become Developer?


      I am Flash Designer, am very much intersted to learn actionscript and become Developer.

      Could anybody help me in this out. What all should I learn before I get into the Actionscript. What step I need to take to become a Developer.

      Thanks & reagrds
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          You can be both, I am. Infact I personally believe that any good designer will also have good knowledge of the development side of things too. That way when working with developers you can understand some of the limitations and have the ability to communicate on the developers level much more clearly. If you just want to be a flash developer then i would suggest learning AS3 but i can garrauntee that once you get into it you will start wanting to develop apps in flex and then onto AIR not to mention the other web languages, ie PHP, ASP etc. Start simple and work your way up, there are loads of tutorials and forums for help the adobe developer centre is a great place to start and the adobe developer forums and very active.

          Good luck with it, I too come from a design background and am now developing too.

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            L.Ajaykumar Level 1
            Thanks Barry,

            Today onwards, I will try to do some examples. I have just downloaded Flash_as3.pdf. I will read that document. could you plese suggest me very good sites, where i can go through the tutorials.

            That would help me lot.

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              Marghoob Suleman Level 1
              of course....
              i am an example... i was a designer...