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    Why do some transitions cause delays when previewing?

    zorrocbr Level 1

      In a sequence, when I edit out parts of the asset and then delete the spaces and add in transitions I am getting the following problem:

      To make it simple I have an asset which I split into two parts (A and B) in a sequence and then add a transition between the two.  If I use any of the "motion" video transitions such as door, screen, etc. there is no pause when previewing.  When I position the cursor close to the transition point and hit play, part A plays smoothly, the transition effect is observed and then part B also plays smoothly.  If I use many other transition type -dissolve to white or black for example, Part A plays smoothly but when I get to the transition point the video stops (the audio continues- I am not using any audio transitions though) and then about five seconds or so later Part B plays but it is slow.  If I just stop the preview where the cursor is and then play, Part B plays smoothly at this point forward.  Why do most of these transitions in my sequence cause this issue?


      Premiere Pro CS5

      Quad core processor

      2.4 Ghz speed

      6 GB memory

      150 GB free space on hard drive

      Windows 7 64 BIT


      Original asset is in MPEG 4, length is 30 minutes, resolution is 880 X 490 file size is 200 MB.